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About us

Teministeriet is a specialty tea company from Malmö, Sweden. 

We are passionate about blending ancient Far-Eastern traditions with Scandinavian minimalism and design. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to create a harmonious fusion of flavors that would inspire the senses and elevate the tea-drinking experience.

Rooted in the time-honored practices of the Far East and guided by the principles of Northern simplicity and elegance, we craft exceptional high-quality teas. Each cup of tea is a celebration of this unique blend, inviting you to savour the balance of tradition and modernity in every sip.

From Chinese Bai-Mu-Dan white tea with familiar fragrances of elderflower and champagne to a green Sencha with wild berries of the north, each tea reflects its multicultural inspiration.

Organic & sustainable solutions

Ecology is a dear friends of our. We strive to have the highest standard of organic tea and are always thinking sustainable solutions in our new products.

Our Location


Gødstup Søvej 9
7400 Herning
Monday to Friday: 9 - 16
+45 88444520

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