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How to make iced tea

How to make iced tea

Learn how to make home-made iced tea.

Any tea can be made into a refreshing iced tea. We'll show you how.



Use a proper amount of good tea.

An easy way to measure the quantity is to use our Clip Spoon, a stainless steel spoon designed to measure your loose leaf tea for the perfect brew. 



Use good water at the right temperature.

There's a Chinese proverb that says, "Water is the mother of tea." We couldn't agree more. Good water is fresh, soft and newly boiled. Combined with the right temperature, you'll have mastered the most elemental key to a good brew. 



Give it room and let it brew.

Loose leaf tea needs plenty of space for its leaves to unfurl, allowing it to slowly release all its flavors. Give it room and watch as it dances in the water, expanding and blossoming to a wonderful brew. Be mindful of the recommended brewing time as over-brewing can result in a bitter flavor.



Pour over ice.

Pour the tea over ice to chill. You can do this by decanting into a seperate serving jar with ice or directly to cups with ice. To make it pretty, you can also garnish with peices of fruit like berries or herbs like mint leaves. The fine mesh stainless steel filter will strain your tea while keeping the tea leaves in the Tea Maker.



Enjoy and repeat.

Enjoy your refreshing home-made iced tea! Remember that tea is personal, so enjoy the experience, take notes and adjust the quantity, temperature and brew time to your preference. For example, if you use a lot of ice, which can dilute the flavor and strength of the tea, perhaps you'd prefer more tea leaves next time. This is your tea, after all.

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